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Electronic Time Capsules

When I was in grade school we made a time capsule and buried it near the front of the school. Many years later the time capsule was unsealed and what a shock to see some of the items that were placed in there.  Now normally viewing older photos from say the 80’s always brings a laugh (the neon, the hair, the leg warmers) but after walking around New York City one day I can see that many of them are “laugh worthy” styles are coming back.  Ugh! 

But I move on.  The online site Capzles is a social storytelling site, that allows the user to upload pictures, videos, documents, blog posts, and music to create interactive timelines.  And if you don’t  have the time to upload everything, not to worry, simply send your images in hard format to Capzles and they will create one for you.  But really, isn’t more fun to do it yourself? Once created you can upload the capzle to Facebook, or through email.  It is a fun way to share your memories or moments with others.

Now since I bring all of my posts back to the library somehow…how does this work for the library or the school you might be asking?  When I have author visits, I create a Capzle from start to finish, from promotion of the author, to the speech, to autographing sessions, etc.  They I can upload the link to the library’s website.  Science classes use Capzles to document experiments; history classes find that creating an interactive timeline keeps the interest of the students; and language arts classes choose to use Capzles instead of standard written reports.  This site provides countless ways for online storytelling and it really allows the students, and teachers, to become as creative as they can.  But don’t take my word for it. Here is a link to a video that helps explain how Capzles is used in the classroom.



Video on how to use

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