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Infographics and You

So what exactly is an infographic and how can I use it in the classroom.  First lets look at what Infographics are. 

Infographics:  visual presentations used to communicate complex information quickly and clearly and include  charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, maps and lists. The basic material used in creating an infographic is the data, information, or knowledge that the graphic presents. Infographics make learning new and valuable information in a fun and creative manner. 

Subway maps are the earliest examples of infographics but the use of the infographics have changed dramatically over the past few years.  News programs, newspapers, magazines, websites are all using infographics to give information.  But how can this work in the classroom?

Infographics are great for presenting information that otherwise would be challenging to communicate to a vast audience. Each classroom faces the challenge of providing quality information to the different levels that the students are at.  Infographics can provide a way to get across information that for some students might seem to difficult to understand in the traditional way.  Therefore each student is receiving the same information at the same time and are progressing at the same pace.  Since most infographics require numerical data science, and math classes seem to have the easier  time incorporating this into their lessons. However,  language arts classes use them to promote genres and authors; while history and social studies classes focus on map studies and  the changes in the countries and their culture.  Administrators can also use infographics to highlight different areas of the school climate and environment.

Here are some examples of infographics:

gross-reading-infographic[1] infographic-rx-drugs[1] students-love-tech[1]

        Interested in creating your own infographic? Check out the following sites:

      INFOGR.AM  http://infogr.am/

      NERD GRAPH http://www.nerdgraph.com/

      EASEL.LY http://www.easel.ly/

      PIK TO CHART http://piktochart.com/

      VISUAL.LY http://visual.ly/



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