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Apps for Summer Learning (Part 2.)

The clock is ticking…but the learning doesn’t have to stop for the summer. Here are some great apps to keep kids motivated during the summer. We will look at apps concerning social studies this post.

url Learn the World  for iOs $1.99
Take a trip around the world without ever boarding a plane. This app allows users to expand their knowledge of world geography through animated activities.  Young learners and even the most curious adult will learn world geography, country names, country capitals, country currency, country presidents,  national facts and nation history.  The multiple-choice quizzes  will allow the user to earn points to collect country flags. There five interactive activities proven to enhance your geographic knowledge are. This is great app to explore and learn about the world.


Geo DriveGeography Drive USA  for iOS, Nook and Kindle $3.99
Jump in the driver’s seat and cruise across the country in fact-packed game turning standard textbook geography into the ultimate road trip. Learn about the 50 states by answering questions in a highly addictive game to unlock gas stations, earn bonus money to upgrade your ride, and jump on airplanes, all to score trophies and move around the country.  Learn about national parks, rivers, state shapes, capitals and nicknames, the meaning behind the state flags, and important landmarks and key historical facts. The more you know, the further you’ll go in the all-out, cross-country adventure game designed to fuel your drive to learn.

urlMyCongress  for iOS  Free
MyCongress is a portal to detailed information about your elected U.S. Congressional officials. Track their news, video and Twitter feeds. Look up their official Open Congress profile or contact them directly. MyCongress helps you get in touch with your government.


urlDisney American Presidents for iOS $3.99
Users are invited to look through “The Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook” with each spread devoted to a president and features a portrait, their birth (and in some in cases death) dates, a signature and awards received. Also included are some little-known facts about each president; as well as videos, pop-up fact bubbles, and sidebar information like  presidential number, term(s) served, corresponding historical era, party, vice president(s), and birth state.



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