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Hot Apps to Make Skill Building Cool

We focus so much on skill building that sometimes we forget that it can be fun.   Getting kids excited is a challenge, but here are some fun apps that can take the dull and boring to fun and exciting.

 mza_3228058020689674386.175x175-75[1] iDiary for Kids: this is a great platform for children ages 5-13 to help improve their writing and communication skills, as well as develop their creativity and improve their self-confidence.  This is a daily journal where kids can express themselves through writing, drawing, and decorating entries. The easy-to-use format allows for exploration of past thoughts as well post future events on a built-in calendar.  This is available for $1.99

iBookWriter[1]iBookwriter: an e-book creating app that is simple, and cost-effective. You can write books/notes/draw diagrams etc on your iPad and they have the ability to publish it instantly.  All you have to do is write  a book, upload and publish it on the internet for free. Books can than be arranged in collections, as well as exported or backed-up. This is available of $5.99

MeeGeniusLogo[1]Meegenius Kids Books:  this is a free app that provides the user with a library and a bookstore for downloadable  e-books.  Readers can access the read-along word highlighting, which will help promote word recognition for the younger readers, while the colorful illustrations help propel the story. Kids can read on their own, or access the audio option which will highlight the text on the screen.   This is a free app.


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