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Your Class can be Published Authors

So I was talking to one of the art teachers in my school and she was telling me how her class is learning about some of the great artists.  They learned about different periods of art and some of the more influential members of those periods. Than they had to pick a period and pick another artist from that period to write a brief biography about them.  They had to also choose one piece of work and try to reproduce.  Their work would on one page (she was not asking them to recreate the Sistine Chapel or anything),  just a few sentences about the artist and then their best rendition of the painting, sculpture, print, etc.   This got me thinking, how cool would it be to put all of these pictures and bios into a book,  a real hardcover book?  It’s a fun idea, but a rather expensive one.  Until now.

urlSchool Mate Publishing allows you to choose from seven different templates that allows students to write on and create a picture, or just create a picture.  Send  in  the finished products, along with order  forms and everyone in the class will receive their own hardcover copy of a the class book.  And the teacher receives one for free.  Pricing is very reasonable too.  For a class set of 10 or more (must be a minimum of 10)  with each book being a maximum of 70 pages, for only $19.95 a book.   You spend more on a regular hardcover that your student didn’t create.  Think about it.

School Mate Publishing is fun and easy way to highlight some of the work your students do throughout the year.  http://www.schoolmatepublishing.com/


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