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End of the year professional day

My school year is done, but here I sit in a meeting for our last professional development day of the year. Already we have people speak to us on The Common Core. And currently we are listening to a presenter speak about Digital Footprints. After lunch we have our break out sessions with our small groups and then we are free to go. Now both presentations have been going well but let’s face it this is a time for the teachers to catch up, talk about plans for the summer.

However I have discovered one thing I have been able to talk with the teachers who want to incorporate more of the technology based applications I use in the library (and have talked about here) in their classroom. I have already spoke with several teachers wanting to create a video for a concept in their lessons and post to my YouTube channel for the students to access. I also have been able to talk with a teacher about different authors and topics that’s will work for their LA lessons on social issues.

So while I sit here listening and learning about digital footprints (a topic I will be talking about next week here) I wanted to let you know that my school year is done but my collaboration with my fellow teachers is not.


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