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Extra Extra! Read All About It!

We as educators are looking for ways to integrate more nonfiction reading into core subjects. Our trickiest part though, is making sure that the selections also entertain.  That is where the site DOGOnews.com is the perfect introduction to nonfiction reading.  It is a news site that is written with kids in mind, since some of the articles are by kids.  The DOGO sites were developed to empower kids to engage with digital media in a safe manner that is also fun.  It is also provides up-to-date topics of study with reports and newspaper style writing.   DOGO itself means young or small in Swahili, but this is site is anything but small.  With the focus on current events, some articles are written not by adults but by the kids themselves who will be reading and using the articles for school.

Created in 2009, as a safe place for grade school level students to find current event articles.  As the word spread the thousands of teachers and students are using the DOGO media sites both in and outside of the classroom.             

There are three major DOGO media sites, DOGOnews, DOGObooks, DOGOmovies. Each of these sites is focuses on creating engaging content for students to actively participate in.  This a great site to educators of all areas who are looking to promote nonfiction reading.



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