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Apps for Summer Learning (Part 4)

For our final installment in the Apps for Summer Learning Posts we have apps that are geared toward helping children with special needs.  Now please remember that not all of the apps I am listed are going to be right for you or your child but I hope that some do help, or at the very least entertain.

xpressAutismXpress for iOS and Android $1.99
1 in 160 children have a form of autism making this twice as common has previous childhood conditions.  However, unlike some diseases autism is lifelong disability that primarily affects three areas of life skills: social interaction,  behavior, and communication.  This is where AutismXpress can help, the app was created with the goal to increase awareness about the autism spectrum, and to help those with autism to show their emotions through the use of color faces and icons.

signed storiesSigned Stories for iOS Free
Already a popular television series in the UK the Signed Stories app was designed for the hearing impaired.  The stories selected at told in American Sign Language.  With every book readers will add new words to their video dictionary, and with new books added frequently that dictionary will grow quickly.  A 2013 International Webby Honoree this is a great app to help build confidence the skills for those with hearing loss or who are hearing impaired.  The app and the first story are free but additional books can be purchased for $5 to $7 each.

choiceChoiceworks for iOS $4.99
An essential app for helping children with a variety of needs by creating visual supports to help them complete daily routines,  improve waiting skills, and understand their feelings.  This app was designed to provide caregivers with clear, consistent support to develop the child’s independence. Comes with three boards, schedule, waiting, and feeling that allows the user to visually see what is required of them, or how their emotions might be effecting them.

sono flexSono Flex for iOS and Android $99.99
For users who are nonverbal or have communication difficulties this app was designed to allow them to express themselves easily and succinctly.   Tobii Sono Flex is an easy to use AAC vocabulary app that turns symbols into speech.  By combining the benefits of structure and flexibility, this app provides the basic framework for language development by matching the user with their communication needs.

superSuper Duper WH Question Cards Pro for iOS $11.99
Teach young learners how to correctly ask and then answer the five WH questions, Who, What, Where, When and Why.  Through four entertaining games  for each of the set of cards, as well as a data tracking system for parents or teachers, students will be learn the power of asking the right question.

dragonDragon Dictation for iOS  Free
A great app to help children with fine motor skill difficulties or those with physical impairments.  By simply speaking into the microphone the words appear on the screen instantly.  Though not the only speech to text app out there, this is definitely one of the easiest to use.







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