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Get Your eBook On

So I talk about books a lot, since well, I am a librarian and all. And I have mentioned some apps and websites to visit if you are interested in writing a book of your own.  Well here are few more, and these are super easy that not only are they great for classroom use, but those budding writers in your class or home might get a kick out of these too. These apps are perfect for both entertainment and education (well at least the eBook ones are, the comic ones are purely entertainment).  Teachers will be able to create original eBooks to use in their classroom.  Teachers will have the ability to add images, text, links, recordings and more to the eBook. Then simply share with students or colleagues to allow greater access to information.  These apps allow you to create and upload your eBook to iBooks and ePub readers.  You can access many of them through an app or online.  The prices vary but these are all well worth the look.

Students and kids will have fun with these apps as well (especially the comic ones).  They can take stories they have written and create a collection, or create a photo book highlighting a recent summer event or family function that you can share with just those who you would like. No need to put in bookstores for the world to access, unless of course you want to.  These apps are a great way to keep kids creative and writing all summer long. Heck all year long for that matter.

The comic apps are fun since you don’t need to be an artist to use.  By using pictures you already have you can add cartoon images and drawings to create funny one of a kind strips.   So check them out.



book writer


Book Writer for iOS





IDEAL e-Pub Creator for Android and iOS





Creative Book Builder for Android and iOS



Digital Comics

Comic Puppets


Comic Puppets for Android and iOS



Photo comics Pro


Photo Comics Pro for Android


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Some winter reading

So I am in Maine for my schools winter break and I needed to bring some things to read but since I am currently involved in two books I figured that’s enough right. Think again.

Upon getting ready to come up I thought what can a bring. I am reading S by JJ Abrams and and Doug Dorset (more on that later) and Life after Life by Kate Atkinson (brilliant book. Again more on that later) so I thought I could bring those. But those are heavy and S has a lot of parts to it that I am afraid to lose so I wanted something fast and portable.

I decided let’s re-read The One and Only Ivan. I loved it and I was able to give it to my niece for her to take home, ,meaning one less thing for me to pack later. I also have Dark Places and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn on my iPad. I enjoyed Gone Girl (as did most of America) so I though let’s give them a try. I am starting with Dark Places since they are making a movie of this as well. Than I discovered that my sister in law and niece are reading Divergent so I have been sneaking a few reads here and there and we have all be discussing.

So,basically what I am saying is…My name is Emily and I have a problem. I like to read. I am caught in the middle of three books. Four if count the re-reading of Divergent. To some this might not seem like a big deal. To others my husband included this is an issue. But to me this is what I call a good vacation. With the 6 inches of snow we got last night and my time snowboarding done for the week I have all the time I the world to finish up some reading.

Enjoy readers. Let’s have our support group meet when we all have a spare moment from our books, which might be never.

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Student Reviewers I give it 4 Stars

Students are reading more.  I love it. They are reading more and they are actually enjoying it.  Well some of them. But a majority of them are finally reading books they want to read and that interest them and as a result they are finding enjoyment. YES YES YES!!  I am thrilled at this.   But now we face the battle of getting them to talk about the books they read.

Some bask in the glow of the spot light, and  can not wait to get up and talk and talk and talk and….talk about anything and everything.  But than you have the shy ones. The ones that would rather crawl under the desk and hide than speak up in class.  Well good thing there are other options, and one that fell across my lap recently .

Allow me to  introduce LitPick (www.litpick.com) an online service that allows the students to read new releases or not yet released titles, write reviews, and then have their review posted on the site for other users to see. They are in essence becoming a book reviewer.  Only they won’t receive payment for it, instead they will be able to keep their copy of the book and have their work published on the world-wide web.

However, LitPick is not just a site for reading, with every review the students write there is a trained editor reviewing their work and editing were needed. Then the editor shares with the student their thoughts and comments, in turn helping to guide the student into becoming a better writer.

This is not a free service and students are not allowed to sign up on their own, they must have an adult signing up with them as well. But there is group pricing for libraries, classrooms, and home schools.  And titles are available in both e-book and standard book format.  This is a great site to get both active and non active readers finding books that peak their interest, learn about writing more efficiently, and most importantly, learning to be vocal about their reading choices and about any topic in general.

I suggest you check it out. It is a great program.


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Summer Reading

August is coming up fast which means that we only have 31 days left to improve reading skills.  I have touched on this subject before but I wanted to give you a few more helpful sites that are proven to enhance your child’s reading capabilities.

Stone Soup  www.stonesoup.com

Little Write Brain  www.littlewritebrain.com

EDUPUP  www.edupup.com

Storyplace http://www.storyplace.org

Storyline Online  www.storylineonline.net

It’s a Mad Libs World  www.itsamadlibsworld.com

Grolier Online http://www.go.grolier.com

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Websites to Help With (and Create) Summer Reading

As a librarian my first love is to books and reading. So I want to share more ways to help keep those young readers on track during these summer months.  I know it can be hard to get them to read a book, but these are websites!!!  Yes, sometimes even reading works on the web.  For more helpful technology related sites that support reading and other core skills see some my earlier post series Apps for Summer Learning. But for now allow me to share with you some websites:

1. Stone Soup www.stonesoup.com  The classic literary magazine that is written by kids for kids.  This offers a great way to kids to connect with others by reviewing books, or submitting their own imaginative work.

2. Little Write Brain www.littlewritebrain.com Let your little ones create their own characters, choose a template, and create their own stories that can be saved as free e-books.  A great site for those creative minds out there.

3. National Geographic Young Explorers www.nationalgeographic.com Increase nonfiction reading habits with the famous magazine where the highlighted text is read aloud by a narrator and the interactive links and games allow for further exploration.

4. Storyline Online www.storylineonline.net  Classic stories read by famous actors? Sign me up!

5. Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge www.scholastic.com/summer  The famous challenge is back and it allows kids to track their reading minutes, and compete against other readers around the world.  Parents you can monitor your child’s progress and find helpful book lists, and activity ideas.

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Some Thoughts on e-Books

Yes I am librarian, and yes I love books, the actual physical book.  But that does not mean that I turn my nose up at e-books.  My husband loves them. Really the only way he reads books.  I too have several e-books in my library on my iPad, but I still love the actual book. However, e-books do help in many ways, so allow me to give you some reasons why I think e-books are valuable to have. But make no mistake…I still would rather hold the book in my hand, since to me if offers a richer experience.

1. For young readers, or those struggling to read, many of the e-book apps are engage the users instantly since they have built-in multimedia functions.  This will capture attentions faster than words on a page by simply providing more than just a reading tool, but a full interactive experience.

2. They travel easily.  Load up a Kindle, Nook, iPad or other device and you can have a whole library to take with you.  Perfect for long car rides, airplane trips, or other vacationing times. This also comes in handy when you have several different reading levels, from picture books to YA novels.  This will support all readers in one handy device.

3. They do save money. On average e-books cost less than its printed counterpart.  So many parents will enjoy this aspect.

Ok so I gave you three very good reasons for choosing e-books.  But again, I must comment that I am still a fan of the physical product.  I experience a more personal connection to the material; I enjoy the aspect of holding on to covers (if I grab to tight I don’t run the risk of flipping the page like I have done with e-books).  However, I am also a realist.  I am of a dying breed I hate to say.  e-Books are not going anywhere, we should all face it.  But I will forever buy a book, an actual book.  With that said I am simply happy knowing that people, especially kids, are reading. In any format.

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