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Connecting books to….everything

Ever read a book and you thought, hey such and such a character reminds of this person from that other book?  Or if you read a history book and you thought, wow I would love to read more about this man.  Or how about, wow I know exactly the place they are talking about I always wanted to go there.  Well imagine being able to create links to all of the small, large or medium details of the books you love together.  How about being able to connect a group of character types to each other? Why not create links to areas you read about in books that you always wanted to go to. Well now you can.  With Small Demons a website which allows you to connect your interests to the small details in books that you might obsess over.  This site allows you create a personal list of reading materials that can connect based on subject, person, genre, even character.

How does this work for the classroom though?  Language arts teachers can use this for genre studies, can use this for character studies connect similar types together.  Science teachers can use this too, if you are working on a lesson for the environment you can connect books where the environment is destroyed by natural disasters, connect nonfiction books to the subjects as well. This site is not mention for only fiction of course.  Connect movies, TV, and personalities as well.  This is a great way to use books to tell the story of your lesson.




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