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The Reason to Write

“Don’t write because you want to say something, write because you have something to say,”–F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I remembered I had read this quote a long time ago and it got me thinking about my own writing, both on this blog (which I thank those who support me) and the writing that I hope to one day have published. 

For some bloggers they sometimes feel they must constantly be adding new content in order keep those who view or follow them interested. Otherwise, why would they follow. But are we bloggers really saying anything in the end? What is the purpose of the blog? I have friends who use their blog as a venting arena.  They are able to get out all of their frustrations, or share the brightest parts of their day.  Other bloggers use their platform to help express their art or craft. While others (like this one) are hoping to introduce and educate on new programs/devices/apps/tools to help in the realm of education (or which ever area you choose).  We we as bloggers then have something to say.  We are writing because we don’t just have to, but we want to.  We want our distinct voice on a subject heard.  We are passionate about the topic, and we want to shar.

However, I now find myself wondering if my personal writing, my writing of fiction, particularly children’s fiction is fitting this criteria.  I have known from a young age that I wanted to be a writer, but I find myself struggling with my fiction writing.  So I ask myself, “self, why are you writing this story? what makes this one so important?” And unfortunately in many cases I can not answer that. So, am I writing than just to write? Am I writing because I want someone to say “hey great story!” Am I writing because this is simply what I have wanted to do my whole life? Or am I writing because by writing that particular story I am feeling something towards it. It is a story that I believe needs to be told. Am I passionate about this story.

I find myself wondering on and questioning my work since I have been helping some students with their writing assignments recently and I see how they struggle with the same issues I face.  So the questions I ask myself, and I think many writers probably ask themselves, is “Why am I writing? What does this piece mean to me?” So to all of my fellow writers out there, be it bloggers, novelists, or whomever, I hope that when you write you are passionate about what you are writing.  And that your voice, your vision comes through!.


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