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Support Reading

Being a librarian I teach my classes all about research,  inquiry learning, and how to use the library for both school and personal use.  But that can get boring. Honestly, how many times can a student sit and listen to me drone on an on about “writing a bibliography,” “how to create note cards,” “how to evaluate a website,” and so forth.   I want to change-up the routine.  So for a few times throughout the year, I play little games with the classes.  But there is a reading twist.  Each game, be it a crossword puzzle, or word search, or scavenger hunt, each game has a reading element to it. Meaning, they involve books the students might have read on their own, or in class, or at least have heard about.

The most popular one is by far and away the Wordle game. If you don’t know about Wordles, Wordle is an online program that allows the user to create a word cloud. See previous post ‎ or check out

I start by selecting 7-10 books or book series that I think the students will be able to guess by only a few clues, usually these are popular books or books that have been made into movies.

Than I create a Wordle using key phrases, character names, plot points etc. that describe the book or book series.

I create an answer sheet that ask either ‘name the book’ or ‘name the book series.’

The students then have to figure out what book or book series I am talking about based on the clues given in the Wordle.

Some are very easy, while others might be  harder and a bit older so the students  might not know it.  But there is always one person in each group that has read the book

This is definitely my most popular game, because students sometimes don’t see a word or  a name and go in a completely different direction.  I also get asked many times, can we play that word game again only with different books?  So I think this one is a keeper.


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A What-le?

What exactly is a wordle?  A wordle is a free program that creates a word cloud.  A word cloud is a way to showcase vocabulary and frequently used words in text and other sources.  I have created one for your to see what I mean.

By reading the text provided, can you tell what famous book I am writing about?  If you didn’t figure it out  allow me to tell you.

It is To Kill a Mockingbird.

A wordle allows you to change layouts, type font and color to make eye-catching designs.  This program isn’t one that just language arts teachers can use, it is perfect for history, science and even math.  I really love the way it allows the creator to add or limit as many words as they want.  This is a free service and you are can take a picture of it and print them out to display around your room, post it on a website, or even place in a presentation (like a PREZI!).  I highly recommend playing with this and seeing what you and your students come up with.

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