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The Ups and Downs of the Social Media

Teachers have seen how social media can hurt the student body. In fact we are trained on what to look for, how to speak to the students about it, learn about the district and school’s policies for acceptable usage; so I feel we are learning everything we can possibly know.  I know it changes everyday, but we are trying to keep up with it the best we can.  I read an article yesterday, and I wanted to share but was busy so I am sorry I am late to the party with it, but it really seems to sum up nicely how social media is being used.   Yes we are aware of all of the negative issues that social media can bring (cyberbullying being the main issue), but social media is also a way to bring out the positive.  I will not do the article justice so I will just let you decide for yourself.  But basically, social media can provide an outlet for students to express their opinions, reach out and stand up for those who might need a voice or cheerleader, showcase themselves in a positive light.  These are all issues that are highlight the positive aspects of social media.  Just remember, for every cyberbullying case and celebrity butt shot, there is a teenager out there fighting for a cause and supporting those around them.

Please take a look at the article.




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Flipping a Classroom with Screeny

As I am working creating my how-to videos for my libraries, I have stumbled upon many screen capturing applications and sites.  I have posted about them on this blog and I would like to add another one to ever-growing list.

Screeny is a MAC based application that works on your computer and allows you to capture not only the whole screen but smaller sections of it.  Use the built-in camera or an external one to capture video and pictures at any size.  This is also supported by the Cloud where you can upload the images or videos directly to your cloud account. It allows for easy compression of videos for uploading to the cloud. The application uses Quicktime and is always saved at the highest possible quality.  You also have the option to capture audio as well, or add audio to your video.

This is a great app to help in your quest to create a more vibrant flipped classroom.

SCREENY iOS only $14.99


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Get in Touch with Your Creative Side

Another day and another way to express yourself.  So this time I would like to introduce some apps that provide the opportunity to get creative.  Similar to my post about the app Paper these apps allow you to create amazing images and videos. Now remember all of these apps can be used for school based projects.  Some might work for the educator while some might be more fun for the student. But don’t forget, all are fun for everyone!


TYPE DRAWING  for the web and iOS $1.99

This app is amazing for typography.  All you do is type the sentence you would like to use and then by using your finger or mouse to draw an image and the words from your sentence becomes the body of the image or use the text to go over current images.



OVER for iOS

Everyone knows a picture is worth 1,000 words, but sometimes only a few will do. Now a great way to enhance your images is with the app Over.  Over allows you choose from different fonts and type what you would like to say anywhere over the image.




STEfor iOS $1.99

I can not tell you how much I am in love with this app! I can devote a all blog post to just this but I would simply keep repeating myself with this one phrase: THIS APP IS AWESOME!!!  This app makes it easy to create amazing animated GIFs and Quicktime movies.  You get full control of everything from the frame rate, to deletion of images, to exposure and timer settings.  This is a great app for students to use to create amazing stop motion videos.




iSTOPMOTION for iPAD  $9.99
Another create stop motion app that was the winner for the Macworld Best in Show 2013.  This app is used in hundreds of classrooms and allows you to create your own animated movies.





WHAT THE FONT for the web iOS and coming soon for the Android  Free
Did you ever see a font used in media, like say a magazine, a website, and ad or even a poster, and did you ever say wow I really like that I wonder what font that is?  Well wonder no more. Simply take a picture of the font in question, and by uploading it from your photos What the Font will give you the details.  Like many barcode scanners for your phones, the technology can read the image and provide you with the information about the font in question. This is perfect for designers who might see a particularly interesting font and wonder how they can get that.


images-2LUME for iOS  $1.99

The first light only drawing app out there.  Instead of using paint or pencil, use light to draw images, text or enhance already taken photos.  A great way to make a photo stand out.  Just think what one can do with this app if you want to enhance an image of Thomas Edison?

unnamedCINEMAGRAM for iOS and Android Free

So lets say you have picture saved as a GIF, and you want to add a little animation to it. Well how about picking and choosing which part of the image you animate.  Similar to instragram but you are using video instead. Buy using the different features you can freeze certain parts of the image while the rest stays animated. Its definitely worth a look.



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Long Distance Reading

Reading with a child has been cited as being one of the most productive activities one can do to help build the child’s reading skills and comprehension, but also helps to improve their speech, and provides the opportunity for quality time.  Many focus only the parent and child time, but what about grandparent and child time, aunt/uncle and child time,  or maybe sibling time. Any time a child is reading with another person they are enhancing their skills with each book.  But sometimes, the other reader is not in the same house as the child.  Sometimes the reader is hundreds, maybe thousands miles away.  What than?  Reading over the phone loses some of the mass appeal to reading a book together.  Well now you can see the face of the child you are reading with instantly.

 mzl.trlowgoz.175x175-75[1]Introducing Kindome Storytime a free app for the iPad. The Kindoma Storytime app “combines books and videochat to help children connect with their long-distance families,” (  Kindoma Storytime combines the best of children’s learning and family communication.  This is app not only works for long distance reading time, but also when you are with the child, since you will be able to discuss the book face-to-face.  This app has become so popular that it won 2013 Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review.


It is easy to get started too.
1) Download the app and register for an account to unlock books
2) Invite your family to connect to your account
3) Browse through the library and choose the book you wish to start with (the have popular titles as well as classics)
4) Call your family member and begin to video read the book together

While you have the call activated the book is synchronized on both iPads. Pointing to images or words on the page and viewable to the other party.  This is perfect for developing the child’s vocabulary since you can highlight words as you read, and you can ask questions to images or sentences on the page.

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Flipping Out in the Classroom

Everyone is flipping out, but in a good way.  The Flipped Classroom has become the latest craze in education and I for one am a huge fan.  Now educators and focus more on practicing the materials taught and more guided research instead of spending entire class periods lecturing.  Students love it too!  Homework is no longer just read from the book, answer the questions or fill in the worksheet; now they watch a video answer questions or be prepared to discuss the next class period.

Science and Math classes are especially enjoying this model because it allows the teacher to show how to solve a problem or run an experiment and the student can view it as many times as needed until they understand the concept.  Language Arts teachers love this too, because they can show how a book  influences the movie version or show an interview with the author on why they choose this style of writing.  History teachers, how great would it be to show video of the actual debate between Nixon and Kennedy?

But I am getting overly excited again (like I said I am a fan).  My fellow educators have been asking me how to create this videos. I spoke once before about aTubecatcher, but I feel I need to mention a few others so that you don’t have to wait for post after post to learn about them. So here are some of the ones that I highly recommend for flipping your classroom.  Most require you to download the program, but Quicktime for Mac based products should already be available to you and is easy to use. Remember once you create you video or screen shot you need to save/upload it somewhere.  My school created a Wikispace, while other educators choose to use YouTube, SchoolTube, TeacherTube or  the blog of their choice.

Have fun! Now go flip out!

Screen Shot Programs
Screen Recording Programs

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Using Your Photos to Create Videos

Sometimes the best videos are the ones you make yourself, but it is hard to add simple pictures to them.  Not anymore  though. By using the site One True Media you now have the ability to mix your photos and pictures with text and animation. This site has easy-to-use tools to allow you to create and share your videos through Facebook, twitter, and YouTube. You can also receive direct links or purchase a DVD version.  Registration is required and the site is free to use, but upgrading to the premium package will cost $39.99 a year (you will receive a free DVD) or you can pay $3.99 a month without the DVD special offer.  Create videos highlighting major moments in your life, such as a wedding, or child’s birthdays, but we want to know how you can use this in the school environment.  Create a back to school video for parent’s night, create a video year book, works well for group projects and reports by allowing the students to showcase their creative sides.  Use for team building exercises and co-curriculum lessons.  Take a look and see what videos you can create.



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Voice on the Web

I am working a teacher at one of my schools on an author study unit.  The purpose of the unit is students pick one author and read three books by them, but you are paired up with an ‘adult’ reader as well. It can be a reader of their choosing, with a few students reading with teachers, however many are reading with family members. Now that is something that is amazing to me.  I read a lot with my parents and grandparents growing up, so it is wonderful to see the parents becoming so involved in their children’s education.

But I move on.  I was given the opportunity to educate some of the students on how to conduct research on their author for the projects they will have to work on for this author study unit.  But the part I am most excited about is working with them on one of the projects.  You see we are going to have them create a video about their author, kind of like a trailer for a movie.  However, we want the other students to comment on their fellow classmates projects.  This is where the teacher came to me.  I introduced her to a program called Voice Thread.

Voice Thread is an outstanding program where you can upload pictures or videos to and add audio so to create a story of sort, or treat it as an oral report.  You can also upload a pre-made video.  But the best thing about this site is that once your oral presentation is done, other members of the voice thread community can comment on your video.  It is a great way to get an entire educational community involved.  Whole classrooms can see and react to videos posted, it is a great way for even administrators to comment on things happening in classrooms that they might not normally get to on a daily basis.

I suggest you all take a look at the fun you can have with a voice thread.  Here is just the link to the actually program itself, but you can easily see the possibilities any classroom can have.

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