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The Newest Trading Cards in Education

So I was fooling around on this one site (that I am starting to really like by the way because I will be showing you more from this site later) and I found an area where you can create trading cards, by uploading your own images or from flicker and add text.  After making several of myself, friends and family. I have decided that this would be so great for educators.

Think about it…what a great way to do a biography lesson? Or a lesson about the planets?  Or maybe one about the continents?  Or characters from a book or book series?  Famous philosophers?  A lesson on the elements perhaps?  This would be a fun tool to use at any grade level.  So allow me to show you one that I created just today.  I chose Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s Founding Fathers.

You can see the basic set up of the template.  I must warn you that the program is slighted limited on design elements, and you can only input a certain amount of information, however, the overall possibility of the trading card use is pretty vast.  Basically, when using the program just treat like you would a regular trading card (only the most important facts). You can click and drag the completed card to other documents (such as word or pages).  You are also able to print the page, and there is a link to cut out all ads on the page.

If you would like to play around with it, here is the link.  I will be talking later this week about some of the other programs they have on the site, but for now try this one out.


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