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The Ups and Downs of the Social Media

Teachers have seen how social media can hurt the student body. In fact we are trained on what to look for, how to speak to the students about it, learn about the district and school’s policies for acceptable usage; so I feel we are learning everything we can possibly know.  I know it changes everyday, but we are trying to keep up with it the best we can.  I read an article yesterday, and I wanted to share but was busy so I am sorry I am late to the party with it, but it really seems to sum up nicely how social media is being used.   Yes we are aware of all of the negative issues that social media can bring (cyberbullying being the main issue), but social media is also a way to bring out the positive.  I will not do the article justice so I will just let you decide for yourself.  But basically, social media can provide an outlet for students to express their opinions, reach out and stand up for those who might need a voice or cheerleader, showcase themselves in a positive light.  These are all issues that are highlight the positive aspects of social media.  Just remember, for every cyberbullying case and celebrity butt shot, there is a teenager out there fighting for a cause and supporting those around them.

Please take a look at the article.




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Mini-lessons with Podcasts

If you are like me, and I feel that many teachers are, it is hard to fit everything you want to discuss into one lesson. Questions are asked, discussions break out, explanations can take longer, and based on time constraints, going into multiple days might not be ideal.  This is where podcasts can help.  By  creating a podcast, you can support your in-class instruction with mini-lessons the students can view as many times as they like.  Think about it, you are a math teacher, you are trying to explain how to perform a particular formula, a podcast might be the solution for those students who might struggle with comprehending the formula.  They will be able to view the mini-lesson several times in order to fully understand the concept.  Science teachers how great would this be for you to show how to perform an experiment that students can view before the actual assignment. 

One of the podcast sites available to you is Pod-O-Matic. You have the ability to create simple audio podcasts using this online tool and the free space they provide.  Create and place sound recordings online for people to listen to and/or download. Free podcasts are available on many subject areas. The site itself is a social networking style site, some schools may have it blocked. Ask about unblocking just your  teacher account so students can access it while at school while under your supervision.  Record sound directly with the microphone built-in or plugged into your computer and make it available for people to listen to online or download to their MP3 player. Create a minicast through a simple upload of images and audio that turns your images into a short video.  Share through a blog, twitter, or Facebook. Minicasts are web-based and can even be played on an iPhone or Droid.

Check it out to see some of the fun ways podcasts and make your classroom more interactive.


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