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Using Maps to Tell a Story

I don’t know about you but I use maps all the time. Mainly because my sense of direction is not so great.  When I travel I grab a map (not a fancy one just a cheesy one from the hotel or something) for the place I visited and hold on to it as a souvenir.  Meanwhile I have had friends attach pictures to wall maps as a reminder of places they have been to while some use push pins.  Now with foursquare and the maps on Facebook you can now follow where all of your friends are or have been.  Maps are not only a way to tell you where you are going, but it is a great tool to show where you have been; or where someone else has been.  What am I getting at with all of this rambling.  Well, lets see Napoleon was a great military leader, and who traveled all over Europe and into Russia winning and in some cases losing battles.  Wouldn’t it be more interesting to learn about his travels and conquests or defeats by examining them on a map with text summarizing the major events over reading straight from the textbook?  How much more interesting would a presentation be for the students to give if they had the opportunity to use a map to describe historical and even literary events.  Think about it, even family trips/vacations can be even more fun when using a map to show all of the places you have been.

Well if this has peaked your interest why not try the website MAPTALES www.    MAPTALES is  site that allows you to create map-based stories and share them with groups through emails, embedding into websites, blogs, etc.  You can use MAPTALES to chronicle news events, describe a trip, its great for scrapbooking and lectures.  Maps tell us their own stories but it is up to the users to embellish on those stories with our own personal flair.


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Collaborating with Popplet

Teachers do it all the time.  Students work in groups constantly.  Teachers and students even blend ideas and concepts.  Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of the education system, and mapping out ideas is a simple way to see what each individual is thinking and how what insight they bring to the project. And POPPLET allows for groups to collaborate in a more visual way.

Looking very much like spiderweb of ideas, POPPLET offers the chance of individuals or groups to map out their lesson, or project through the use text, color, images and video.  Projects can be shared through social networking sites, embedded in blogs and other websites, saved as pdfs or jpegs, or emailed to members of  a community for a more team focused effort.  This sites enables the users for an interactive way to collaborate even while not being in the same room.  This is perfect for students working on group projects from home.  Teachers working with educators from other states or countries.  And for the teacher and student to cooperate together in order to review and revise work.  Students can create projects that can then be printed as displayed around the classroom or put in portfolios. Teachers and other educational professionals can use this for grade level or subject specific meetings, as well as district initiatives.

POPPLET can be used through their website or iPad app. The lite version of the app is free however for $4.99 you will able to access more items and comment easier with the full version.

I suggest checking it out to see how this can work in your class or school programs.



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