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Glogster EDU

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, allow me to introduce you to GLOGSTER EDU.  Glogster is an online site that allows you create interactive posters.  Interactive posters???? hmmm, what do you mean library lady?  Interactive posters, a poster where you can work independently or collaboratively; where you can add images, videos and music; text, upload data, draw, and even add graphics.  This site is great to allow the students to express themselves creatively.  Use this for assignments that require presentations or maybe even for class site updates or just for a reflection on a recently read book or subject matter.

There is a free version (but you are limited).  There is also a premium version (were the teacher has access to student accounts and classroom management) that costs around $8.30 a month (with access for 200 students).  All subject areas can benefit from this site and all teachers will find great ways to use this in ever aspect for the learning environment.

Here is one that I created for the popular 2004 YA novel Chasing Vermeer.  See it below or use the link to get to site


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