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Flipping Out!

The Flipped Classroom.  The buzz word in education.  I have spoken about how to flip your classroom and some sites and programs to use. So I thought lets throw some more at you.  Here are some of the big ones that teachers from across the country are talking about


1. 9Slides
A way to capture and share your information through interactive slides. Can be used on your mobile devices. A monthly fee of $29.99 or a business fee of $299.99, visit your mobile stores.

2. Ask3
A free app of the iPads that allows you to turn your iPad in an interactive whiteboard to promote collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.

3. Educreations
Their catchphrase: Teach what you know.  Learn what you don’t.  A free iPad app that is similar to Ask3 in the sense that you are turning your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. However, you are able to post your whiteboard to a website for students to view as many times as need.

4. Knowmania
A free app that allows for the teacher to search for pre-made videos or create their own to show in class of embed in a website to impact the students both in and outside of the classroom.  All videos on the site are made public for anyone to search and use.



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Flipping a Classroom with Screeny

As I am working creating my how-to videos for my libraries, I have stumbled upon many screen capturing applications and sites.  I have posted about them on this blog and I would like to add another one to ever-growing list.

Screeny is a MAC based application that works on your computer and allows you to capture not only the whole screen but smaller sections of it.  Use the built-in camera or an external one to capture video and pictures at any size.  This is also supported by the Cloud where you can upload the images or videos directly to your cloud account. It allows for easy compression of videos for uploading to the cloud. The application uses Quicktime and is always saved at the highest possible quality.  You also have the option to capture audio as well, or add audio to your video.

This is a great app to help in your quest to create a more vibrant flipped classroom.

SCREENY iOS only $14.99


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Flipping Out in the Classroom

Everyone is flipping out, but in a good way.  The Flipped Classroom has become the latest craze in education and I for one am a huge fan.  Now educators and focus more on practicing the materials taught and more guided research instead of spending entire class periods lecturing.  Students love it too!  Homework is no longer just read from the book, answer the questions or fill in the worksheet; now they watch a video answer questions or be prepared to discuss the next class period.

Science and Math classes are especially enjoying this model because it allows the teacher to show how to solve a problem or run an experiment and the student can view it as many times as needed until they understand the concept.  Language Arts teachers love this too, because they can show how a book  influences the movie version or show an interview with the author on why they choose this style of writing.  History teachers, how great would it be to show video of the actual debate between Nixon and Kennedy?

But I am getting overly excited again (like I said I am a fan).  My fellow educators have been asking me how to create this videos. I spoke once before about aTubecatcher, but I feel I need to mention a few others so that you don’t have to wait for post after post to learn about them. So here are some of the ones that I highly recommend for flipping your classroom.  Most require you to download the program, but Quicktime for Mac based products should already be available to you and is easy to use. Remember once you create you video or screen shot you need to save/upload it somewhere.  My school created a Wikispace, while other educators choose to use YouTube, SchoolTube, TeacherTube or  the blog of their choice.

Have fun! Now go flip out!

Screen Shot Programs
Screen Recording Programs

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A picture is worth a thousand words…literally.

How cool would it be if we were able to capture Mona Lisa’s voice, and have the recording playing next to the famous painting so we can actually know what she was thinking and what is the meaning behind that infamous smile?  Well with ThingLink you can now integrate, voice recording, videos and text into a picture for interactive learning. 

How it works: Upload an image of your choosing.  Create “hotspots” that can be text  or brief narration or a short video clip.  Share the image with your class and let the learning beginning.

Think about it, now a science teacher, and you are discussing the planets, how interesting would it be to have a short video showing a star exploding.  Or a sound recording from a NASA scientist explaining why Saturn has rings.  Or even use short text to act as additional talking points that might have been missed in the lecture.  Use this for a flipped classroom as well.  The interactive element provides that opportunity for the students to access the information as often as need be.  ThingLink truly allows for the images to speak for themselves.  A perfect site for any area of study.



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Creating a Flipped Classroom with aTube Catcher

Still not sure what a flipped classroom is? Well trust me you are not alone.  One description is the use of technology to help the learning process, in order to provide more one-on-one instruction than a lecture based lesson.  Flipping a classroom is one of the best ways to become more active with your students and will provide them the opportunity to revisit instruction as many times as they choose, in order to help them better understand the direction of the lesson. 

The most  popular platform being used right now are teacher created videos used to support the lesson, allow for extra instruction, or restate the lecture from the class. Teachers and administrators are creating videos using animation, pre-made videos, live action shots, and in many cases screen shots.  This last one is what we will focus on right now.  I am in the process of creating my own flipped classroom, sorry flipped library/media center, in order to promote some of the applications we have available for use (ex. online databases, eBook library, and Microsoft office tutorials).  I want the students, and in some cases faculty and parents to understand what the screens will look when they are conducting a search or creating a project. 

One of the best online applications for producing a screen cast is aTube Catcher.  This is a freeware, downloadable application that focused on individuals and students for educational, personal, and noncommercial use.  How does it work? aTube Catcher is a small web browser, it enters to a Website, interprets the content and when it finds one video instead of download and playback (like all the other web browsers), it just downloads in the directory that you have previously selected after that, it converts your video to the format requested. (“What is aTube Catcher?.” aTube Catcher. Diego Uscanga , n.d. Web. 1 Mar 2013. )

This program is easy to use and provides an easy way to flip your classroom.  Installation is simple and if you choose not to use it is easy to uninstall as well.  Check it out and see how you might be able to use this great site for your next lesson.


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