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Facebook? No Fakebook…courtesy of My Fake Wall

We are all on facebook…don’t deny it. If you aren’t you will be soon enough. It is a black hole of sort…no escape.  But anyway, I told you yesterday that I would have something special. Here it is.  My Fake Wall is a website that allows you to create fake facebook pages for famous people throughout history (ex. Abraham Lincoln) or for characters in your favorite books (ex. Elizabeth Bennet THE ONE I JSUT DID!).  This is great tool to have the students use when working with any sort of lesson. (check out the link below to see my fake wall)

Elizabeth Bennet Fake Facebook Profile –

This is free site, but unlike some of the other fake facebook creating sites, you must provide an email address.  This site does however provide some elements that I found worked better than other similar sites.

1) The site does not require tobe refreshed as much.  Also you do not have to worry about the statements being erased or moved to another entry

2) Where other sites require you to add the picture every time to the entries, this site saves the pictures you upload and just by selecting the name the image attaches to the entry

3) Unfortunately this site does not allow you to add videos…or in any that I can see.

Overall, this is great way to incorporate the social networking craze with some educational value.  So please check it out or tell your teacher friends to.



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