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Bringing Bookmarking to the Cloud

Any computer savvy person understands what bookmarking is.  For those who don’t it is where you are able to bookmark websites from any number of browsers so you can return to that page at another time.  Bookmarking has been around since the internet started, but it has been an unorganized list of names that makes no sense and has no order to it.  Several companies web-based companies have designed a way to organize your bookmarks by storing them on to one of their servers, that you can then ultimately access from any computer, androids, iPhones, iPad or Blackberry.  My personal favorite one is called Diigo. is a site where you can organize all of your current bookmarks as well as enter new ones that you find throughout your web surfing travels.

The site also allows you to highlight areas of the site for your personal reference, leave post-it like notes for yourself and other members of diigo to see, as well take screen shots for easy reference.  The site provides you the ability to enter key words for organization, up-load documents, and even add video and create a bibliography (which is perfect for students when using the internet for projects).  One of the best features, is that service is free.  Create your own account and you too, can start organizing all of your bookmarks into an easier format for you to access. All of those important sites you can’t live with out, can be found easier and on any of your personal devices.

I suggest you take a look. Now remember there are others out there, this is just one that I recommend you try out.


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