Because I work in a School

This is why parents and teachers are skeptical when kids are being good.


Children, when they’re very sweet,
Only bite and scratch and kick
A very little. Just enough
to show their parents they’re not sick.

After all if children should
(By some horrible mistake)
Be entirely good all day
Every parent’s heart would ache.

“Our little monsters must be ill:
There must too well behaved!
Call the doctor! Do it quick!
Maybe they can still be saved!

…Wait! They’re looking better now.
Johnny just kicked Billy’s shine!
Betty just bit Teddy’s ear!
Jane just stuck me with a pin!

There! The little dears are fit
As sharks and crocodiles, you’ll find.
No need for the doctor now:
Get a stick and make them mind!”

by John Ciardi

Ciardi, John, and Edward Gorey. The man who sang the sillies; poems. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1961. Print.


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