Happy Poetry Month

It is April again and I have decided to share some poems that I find throughout the course of the month. It is a very big month at my schools with poetry writing contests, and younger students starting to really read and understand poetry.  I am sharing one that a student found while reading through a book that he describes as “older than me by at least 20 years.” Not really though, the book was published in 1993 it is only 10 years older than him.  So please enjoy and keep an eye out for more.

The cupboard was closed, and the children had gone,
There were only the stars in the sky looking on;
When up jumped the toys and peeped out on the sky,
For they always awake–when there’s nobody by.

The children were far away saying their prayers,
So the toys ligthly stole down the shadowy stairs,
And each said to each, “We’ll be off, you and I,”
For the toys–they can speak,–when there’s nobody by.

So off to the city they went, two and two,
To see if, perchance, any good they can do,
To cheer poor children whose lives are so sad,
For the toys always try to make everyone glad.

by Fred E. Weatherly

James, Kate. Poems for Children. 1st ed. New York: Derrydale Books, 1993. 63. Print.


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