Reading Before and After

I had to put a school order in recently and while I was trolling through the catalog full of binders, colored pencils, batteries, and highlighters I stumbled on some interesting bookmarks that I feel really capture the goals of librarians and language arts teachers alike. Produced by McDonald Publishing (not Big Mac McDonald’s) but a company that specializes in supplementary educational material these bookmarks stood out because of not only the skills and strategies many teachers impart on the students but they also touch on the creative and imaginary side that librarians hope the readers experience while reading.

The bookmarks are geared toward elementary and middle school readers however I feel that these are elements all readers can still use to this day (I must say I still do some of this as well.) The bookmarks are titled During and After Reading and this is a two-sided bookmark (two for the price of one! Sweet!)

*Think about your reason for reading
*Reread any parts you don’t understand
*Think about what you already know about the topic
*Read any headings, subheadings, or captions
*Figure out the meaning of the words you don’t know
*Look at any charts, graphs, pictures, or maps
*Draw conclusions about what you read
*Form pictures in your mind
*Predict what will happen next

* Write a review of the book
*Create an ad for the book
*Write a letter to the author about the book
*Illustrate and describe your favorite part of the book
*Write a newspaper article about the book
*Write a journal entry for one of the characters
*Create a poster for a movie version of the book
*Invent and explain a new title for the book

When I saw these I totally felt the need to share. Since I am always looking for ways to help my students really experience a book and foster a love of reading.

For other materials check out



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