What a Journey

So I finished another book recently and I am sorry for not posting my review sooner.  But it was a lot to take in and the book was impressive to say the least.  I begin with…

A very big congratulations to JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst for their literary contribution.  S. was a an amazing book, actually two amazing books.  If you are bibliophile and they you must read this.  Because not only is the story well rounded and engrossing, it also touches on many feeling that only a true book lover will understand.

The story or stories center around a fictional writer named Straka, who is a mystery.  He true identity is one that is debated over, with claims being made and debunked.  The authors back story is almost a rich as the rest of the work, and could by all accounts be considered a novella of sorts since though never truly given as much page space as the other two stories, still provides a great tale of a writers life.

The next story the you embark on is the story of The Ship of Theseus.  The last book to have been written by fictional Straka, it tells the tale of a man S. who does not remember his past, does not know where his future lies, but faces a journey that entwines him with a ghostly ship, a charismatic woman, and a dastardly deed that he himself is not sure he can succeed in.

The final story follows the Eric and Jen, two lovers of the written word and obsessed with Straka.  Eric is a disgraced grad student, Jen a senior at the same college who stumbles across Eric’s copy of The Ship of Theseus and while reading it, notices his margin notes.  Not wanting to be rude, she wrote her own note and the two begin a blossoming relationship with communication taking place along the margins of the book.   While their lives begin to mirror those of Straka and S. the two young lovers set out to uncover the true identity of Straka. Along with the margin notes, stuffed with in pages are newspaper clippings,  letters, pictures and postcards, all moving the story(ies) along.

This was an intense read but a good one all the same.  I highly recommend it this to anyone. But take some advice.

1) read book first

2) read pencil, blue and black margin notes

3) read orange and green margin notes

4) read red and purple margin notes

5) read black and black margin notes

You might go through this several times but it is worth it.

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2 responses to “What a Journey

  1. It’s been on my tbr list since it came out, but it’s often sold out from vendors (at least last time I checked).

    • I know. I tried to get it for the holidays and it was sold out than I finally got it. Had to put it down for awhile to finish some other readings and than I was able to finish it. Try and find it. So worth the read

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