Catching Fire…Caught the world on FIRE

So Catching Fire the second movie in the Hunger Games franchise raked in a whopping $161 million dollars this weekend.  WOW!!!

I am trilled that a book series turned movie franchise generates this kind of fan base.  So I am even more thrilled when students are emailing me over the weekend and telling me

“Dear Mrs. S

You have to see Catching Fire!  It was wonderful. Please see it this weekend so we can talk about it on Monday.”


“Ms. S

This was the best movie ever! So much better than Hunger Games.”


“Hi Ms. S

Catching fire was great. And I still think Peeta is cuter.”

These are just some of the emails I received over the weekend.  And even if some of the people who are seeing the movies have never read the book, I’m ok with that…because 9 out of 10 have and that makes me smile.

So to answer the emails…

I will be seeing the movie, just before Thanksgiving. I am waiting until Friday.

I hope it is as good as the first movie because they did a great job with that.

Both Gale and Peeta are cute…but Gale is a tad cuter. Just my opinion.


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