Wanna see a good movie…read the book

Do not get me wrong, I love the movies.   Really.  I do.  I love everything about them.  But I must say that when Hollywood gets its hands on  a book, tends run into difficulties.  Some cases being the mere size of the work (ex. Anna Karenina), or maybe the subject (ex. The Road), or more often than not the extremely strong fan base attached to the work and want to see these epic features (ex. The Watchmen).   However, it is in these cases we forgive, for they took a chance of bringing meaningful works to the big screen, which is truly not an easy feat, since one must stay true to the original work, but also condense said work into a 2 hour feature.  Some have the potential to bring to life the characters on the page with great success (ex. A Clockwork Orange; To Kill a Mockingbird); while others are viewed as good even though they still didn’t quite measure up ( ex. A Time to Kill)

But  for every good case of book to movie, there have been bad, no horrific ones.  Hollywood tends to take several liberties that skew away from the original material.  I give you The Scarlet Letter starring Demi Moore and Gary Oldman as a prime example.  I love Gary (paging Sirius Black) and Demi Moore has had her fair share of good roles.  But my goodness, what happened in this movie would have Hawthorne  rolling over in his grave.  Why do I use this as my example, well lets see: THEY CHANGED THE ENDING!  That should be reason enough. What makes it even more astounding is that they felt the need to change the ending because they believed that not many people read the book so they wouldn’t know the difference.  Well I read the book. I saw the difference. And so did most of America.

But I digress.   I speak to you today as a reader and a movie watcher. And one who takes both roles seriously.  So when books become movies, I start to get anxious.  My mind races with “Who are they casting and are they a good fit?” ” Are they planning on removing/adding anything to the movie that was/was not in the book?”  “How are they going to shoot some of these scenes, or are they going to rely on CGI effects?”  So when I heard about the following books that are coming out or currently in the works I became both excited and nervous.  So hopefully the screen versions will live up to their written counterparts.  I am looking forward to seeing them, but remember, for every Hunger Games there is an Bonfire of the Vanities.

1) Ender’s Game




2) The Book Thief



the book thief







3) The Wolf of Wall Street







4) Gone Girl











5) Blue is the Warmest Color

blue is the warmest color


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