Packing a Few Days into One Post

Since this is getting hard for me to post each and everyday…here is today’s and some future days posts.

DAY 10: My Best Physical Feature
I really hate this question. It can make someone sound very vain. But since they asked here is my answer: I love my eyes because if you look hard enough you can tell what I am feeling (hence why I am terrible at poker); I also love my curly hair. Was born with it, and it took me almost 20 years to appreciate it.

DAY 11: My 15 Favorite Things
1) My Husband                                                              9) Eating a really good meal
2) My Family                                                                  10) Taking my snowboarding boots off after a long day
3) My Friends                                                                 11) Hearing my niece and nephews voice on my voice mail
4) A beach chair and a good book                         12) Working with my students
5) Favorite song blasting on the radio                 13) The sun setting on the ocean
6) Knowing when I am done writing a story     14) The last day of school
7) A rainy day and good movie                              15)  A nap
8) Riding my bike along the waterfront

DAY 12: What’s Inside My Fridge
Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard….In my fridge I  have milk, eggs, and assortment of cheeses, fruits, and veggies, butter, 20 different kinds of condiments, yogurt, iced tea, breakfast meat, baking soda

Yes I need to shop. I get it.

Day 13: What is My Earliest Memory
One of my earliest memories is playing in my grandmother’s backyard.  We would jump rope (I would jump rope) we would play with a rubber ball, or she would have me gardening with her, which really meant me pulling weeds and trimming the hedges.  Hey she kept me busy, she was a smart lady. But some of my favorite memories were spent in that backyard.

Day 14: If I Won the Lottery
This really depends on how much I was to win.  But I give you the response I tell my friends and family. I f I ever won you wouldn’t hear from me, you would just receive a plane ticket to where I am.  That is all.  But of course if I won a ton (like the woman who just won Power Ball) I would give some to friends and family and then have fun with it.

Day 15: Timeline of My Day
5:30 a.m.  alarm goes off and I am up
6:45 a.m.  out the door and off to work
7:45a.m.-3:30p.m.  at work molding the minds of the youth of America
4:30 p.m.   getting home and heading off to the gym
5:30p.m.-11p.m.   clean up the house, cook dinner, finish some work, watch tv, read a book and chill with the hubby

Day 16: Top of My Bucket List
Travel to Australia and New Zealand

Day 17: My Proudest Moment
I  have a few: receiving my degrees (bachelors and masters); the first time I saw my name as a byline for a magazine; the moment when my students all finished a project and they were happy with what they had accomplished



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