Apps for Summer Learning (Part 1.)

With the school year coming to an end skills tend to drop over the summer.  So why not use these next two months to continue to build and improve upon the lessons already taught throughout the school year.  Who knows your child might even pick up some new skills. Here are some great apps for the Language Arts portion of our series.

super-why[1]Super Why! iOS and Android for $2.99
Super Why was developed by Bean Creative in corporation with PBS to help support young learners the ability to build upon their reading skills with interactive literacy games. Your child can read and play along with the four major characters from the Super Why television show, while practicing the alphabet, reading and writing, spelling, and rhyming. The television series itself was designed to help build critical thinking skills in children ages 3-6 for their reading success.  This is perfect for just starting out readers and for those who need to develop more.

mzl.sbywtvlb.1024x1024-65[1]Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try iOs and Android for $4.99
Handwriting fluency is fundamental to developing reading and critical thinking skills because the child not only expresses themselves through writing but they must learn to think and write at the same time.  Focusing on both fun and achievement, helps to spark a curiosity to the learning process and learning proper handwriting habits will help them to become better writers and communicators in elementary, middle and high school.

grammer jammers[1]Grammar Jammers  iOS for $2.99 (primary edition is free)
Grammar Jammers is designed for grades K-5 and hopes to take the dreaded grammar lesson into a fun and interactive time. Using catchy animation and songs and rhymes children will play interactive games and quizzes to unlock interactive prizes and even more quizzes.  Grammar Jammers Primary Edition includes unique animations and quiz questions on the following topics: Adjectives, Contractions, Nouns, Pronouns, Punctuation, Sentences, and Verbs. Grammar Jammers is also available in Elementary and Middle Editions.

storia_logo_lowres1[1]Storia  iOS and Android for Free 
This app from Scholastic is a e-reader  that is designed just for kids of all ages, from pre-school to 7th grade and up.  All storia books are embedded with questions, learning activities, and a pop-up dictionary feature to help with definitions and pronunciations.  You get five free books when you download but additional books can be purchased and added to the bookshelf.  Most of the books cost from $5.99 to $8.99.


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