Long Distance Reading

Reading with a child has been cited as being one of the most productive activities one can do to help build the child’s reading skills and comprehension, but also helps to improve their speech, and provides the opportunity for quality time.  Many focus only the parent and child time, but what about grandparent and child time, aunt/uncle and child time,  or maybe sibling time. Any time a child is reading with another person they are enhancing their skills with each book.  But sometimes, the other reader is not in the same house as the child.  Sometimes the reader is hundreds, maybe thousands miles away.  What than?  Reading over the phone loses some of the mass appeal to reading a book together.  Well now you can see the face of the child you are reading with instantly.

 mzl.trlowgoz.175x175-75[1]Introducing Kindome Storytime a free app for the iPad. The Kindoma Storytime app “combines books and videochat to help children connect with their long-distance families,” (Kindoma.com).  Kindoma Storytime combines the best of children’s learning and family communication.  This is app not only works for long distance reading time, but also when you are with the child, since you will be able to discuss the book face-to-face.  This app has become so popular that it won 2013 Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review.


It is easy to get started too.
1) Download the app and register for an account to unlock books
2) Invite your family to connect to your account
3) Browse through the library and choose the book you wish to start with (the have popular titles as well as classics)
4) Call your family member and begin to video read the book together

While you have the call activated the book is synchronized on both iPads. Pointing to images or words on the page and viewable to the other party.  This is perfect for developing the child’s vocabulary since you can highlight words as you read, and you can ask questions to images or sentences on the page.


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