Cartoons in the Classroom…this topic again?!?!?!

I know I know you might be sick of me talking about cartoons in the classroom, but I can’t help it. Students love cartoons.  So why not use this popular format to help with your instruction.  Some of the main attractions to using cartoons or comics in the classroom are:
1) Students will improve their reading and writing skills, since they must choose text that is clear and concise but also informative; as well as develope critical thinking skills.

2) Students will learn to use critical thinking skills in a creative capacity

3) They we will learn to work effectively either individually or in a group setting.

4) This is a great format for any subject area

Please visit the cartoons tag in  this blog to see some of other sites I have mentioned, but for now, here are four more for your viewing pleasure.

Bitstrips and
With the tag line being “Unlock the Educational Power of Comics” you know this site was made for school, promoting that comics don’t have to be funny, they can be informative too.

Super Hero Squad Show
A fun and interactive site for young kids to create their own comic featuring some of their favorite Marvel superheroes.

Comic Creator
From Read, Write and Think this is an easy to use comic creator site that allows you to choose from different size comics (1 – 6 panels), characters, scenes more. This site is perfect for those just starting out with using comics in the classroom.

Witty Comics
With already created scenes, panels and comics this site focuses more the text side. Students can study each comic and decide which one will be suit their project needs. This allows for the user focus on the information they are trying to express.

Oh just because you asked so nicely. Here is one more you can view…but this one is an APP!!!

Comics Creator by Preston Info Tech $1.99 iOS
This app allows you to use your own pictures and personal photos and create the ultimate comic.  By adding your photos into the customizable panels for the more creative comic is your own.  Choose from 10 custom layouts; 12 custom caption bubbles; and share through emails Facebook and Twitter.


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