A peek at Divergent by Veronica Roth

Since the cast for the movie adaptation of Divergent is coming together so nicely, and with the final book in the trilogy due out in October I thought I would share a passage from the book that really caught my student’s attention as well as mine (and a few other million readers).  If you haven’t read this series already I totally suggest you check it out.

“‘Working together, these five factions have lived in peace for many years, each contributing to a different sector of society. Abnegation has fulfilled our need for selfless leaders in government; Candor has provided us with trustworthy  and sound leaders in law; Erudite has supplied us with intelligent teachers and researchers; Amity has given us understanding counselors and caretakers; and Dauntless provides us with protection from threats both within and without.  But the reach of each faction is not limited to these areas. We give one another far more than can be adequately summarized. In our factions, we find meaning, we find purpose, we find life.’

I think of the motto I read in my Faction History textbook: Faction before blood.  More than family, our factions are where we belong. Can that possibly be right?”

–from Divergent by Veronica Roth, pg. 43


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