Reading can be Fun! No seriously it can. How to motivate readers

As a librarian I am always trying to find ways to motivate my students to read more. Be holding a physical book or going online I am trying to get those impressionable minds reading.  I have created bulletin boards, web-based video book talks, I have stormed the classrooms to promote the latest and greatest novels.  I have tried my hardest with some success.  So if you have a reluctant reader, here are few ideas that I have used and fellow educators have used to help promote that reading can be fun.

1) Travel the World :  Use a map (personal one or even a large one in the classroom), a log sheet, or fake passport to represent the locations found in the books the students read.  The student can color in the different countries, or states; if using a large map for the classroom use push pins; write down the details in a travel log; or use blank stickers to decorate in order to represent a passport stamp, that relates to a location associated with the book.  This is can be where the author from, the setting for the book, where the story began, or if it is nonfiction (hello common core) the location that is being discussed.  This is really fun to do with the 39 Clues Series since they travel all over the world. 

2) Scavenger Hunt : Using one book, divide the class into groups with each member having a copy. Select particular objects  that can be easily found and have them search through the book to find them.  Prize can be awarded to the winning team.

3) Cover Artist : Without showing the cover or title of the book to the students read the book aloud. Explain to them that many people judge a book by the cover, and that they might miss out on an exciting read.  After reading the book, have the students create their own cover and title. Display finished covers next to the original one.

4) Read-a-Thon : We have created a read for 100 minutes program in my school for the 100 days of school, where no matter what class the students are in, they must read for 100 minutes.  It’s a fun way to break up a day and to have the entire school quite even if only for a short while.

5) Pen Pals : Have the students read two different books (you can have them choose different genres to make it more interesting if you like). Have them write letters back and forth between the two main characters explaining their story.  You can even do this with pairs of students, with each on representing a different main character. You can have them create letters, emails or text messages. 



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