Storymaking for Elementary Students

Some of the best stories I have ever heard are not from adults, they are from kids. And 9 times out of 10 the younger they are the more I love them.  But many times the story is just words, nothing to help animate the wildly imaginative story.  Well there is now an app to help.  Super Duper StoryMaker is an app that was designed with primary students in mind, in order to help with their storytelling.  With StoryMaker a child can create picture and photos stories that can be shared with friends and family through email or simply printing it out.  Parents and teachers alike enjoy this app for the assistance it provides in reading, sequencing, vocabulary, grammar, following directions, as well as interacting with others.

 There are two basic screens to StoryMaker–the Create a Story and the Tell a Story.  With Create a Story one can choose from over 800 places, items and people; you can even upload your own photos, record your voice and other sounds. Even add handwriting drawings.  Once done read the story aloud, or let the app do this of your. Print, save and even email your stories to other.  There are two versions of StoryMaker a free one and one that costs $4.99. However, with the free one, you are unable to save, print or email your story.

Try it today with your little one.





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