Ker-what? Kerpoof!!!

Digital storytelling is great way to have students get creative in with their writing.  It assists those who work better using visual prompts to help spark their writing, and it aides in progression of a student’s story.  It is not only used for fiction writing though, more often than not teachers are seeing digital storytelling used in projects for science, and history. 

A prime example was I  had a student who was doing to report on Ellis Island.  He wrote his report through the eyes of an immigrant coming through, and used a digital storytelling site to show the journey his character took, all the while using factual information to explain the history of Ellis Island. 

There are many sites out there, and I have mentioned a few, but one that should be recognized is Kerpoof.  Kerpoof is an Award Winning site that is sponsored by Disney and was developed for the purpose providing a creative outlet for children and adults.  However, the educational world saw how this site can foster the creative process for students for a variety of projects.  Kerpoof can be used to design your own artwork; make an animated movie (it’s very easy); create a book to tell a story; and print cards, t-shirts, and other products.

Teachers will find this site fun to use for students of all ages and for all subjects.  Use as a story starter; test reading comprehension; biology lessons; and even use for biography projects.  This site is free to  use but some elements require payment.  Students can also earn Koins that will allow them to purchase items at the Kerpoof store (don’t worry all items are for use in future projects and are not physical items).   Check out today and see how you might be able to use in your own classroom or just your home.



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