Happy National Poetry Month

It’s April and that means time to celebrate poetry. Here is one of my favorites, and I must say I appreciate this poem even more so now that I am a librarian.

Noise Day

Let’s have one day for girls and boyses

When you can make the grandest noises.

Screech, scream, holler, and yell —

Buzz a buzzer, clang a bell,

Sneeze — hiccup — whistle — shout,

Laugh until your lungs wear out,

Toot a whistle, kick a can,

Bang a spoon against a pan.

Sing, yodel, bellow, hum,

Blow a horn, beat a drum,

Rattle a window, slam a door,

Scrape a rake across the floor,

Use a drill, drive a nail,

Turn the hose on the garbage pail,

Shout Yahoo — Hurrah — Hooray,

Turn up the music all the way,

Try and bounce your bowling ball,

Ride a skateboard up the wall,

Chomp your food with a smack and a slurp,

Chew — chomp — hiccup — burp,

One day a year do all of these,

The rest of the days — be quiet please.

–by Shel Silverstein, Falling Up


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