Collages in Education

Photo collages bring fun an whimsy to standard pictures.  It allows you interject your personality through fun boarders, backgrounds, and text, all the while using the pictures to tell the story.  We as educators always suggest that when students are creating projects to  use images to help liven up the project, but to also help in explain the theme and in some cases speak for us.  But a majority of the time the images are regiment, the same size, facing the same way, looking very text-booky.  There is no sense of the student anywhere.  Well now there is an app that currently is being used for personal and social use, but it is available for so much more. 

Pic Collage is a free App for iPhones and iPads with a version available for the android through GooglePlay.  This app promotes itself as being the “canvas for your life,” when in actuality in can be the canvas for math, science and history as well.   The easy to use tools allow for any student or teacher to create a visually engaging project that will capture the attention of all viewers. 

Examples of projects can be:

Science– using pictures to explain the difference between the earth before and after certain eras; show how the environment has been effected by global warming; show the life cycle of an animal. 

History– create a collage representing major events from World War II; show the life of a president.

There are a ton of possibilities for this App.  Pic Collage allows the user to take pictures using their mobile device, upload from their library, or choose images from the web. Adjust the background, change boarders, add text, and even add stickers for added personality (some extra icons must be purchased with the lowest going for $1.99).  Once completed save to your account, or share with friends, family or classmates by uploading to Facebook, Twitter, or a blog of your choice, you can even email the finished collage to any email address.  Try it out if even just for you own personal use, but I promise you will see the possibility for school use as well.  Check out the website below for more information or look for in the Apps store.



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