Animated Movies Made Easy

We know that cartoons and animation gets the attention of our students, so why not have them create their own animated movie.  But have no fear….being able to draw is not a requirement.  All you need if you computer and your text, the rest the site will take care of. is  animated movie creation site that brings your stories to life.  There are simple steps, create a story, share a story, watch a story.  The site has preloaded scenes and characters. Select the elements you would like to  use and then add your text or story with different text assigned to different characters to create dialogue.  The site uses a text to speech feature but you can upload or record your own sounds.  Change the camera angle to cretae a more dynamic and lively movie. 

A great tool for presentations and group projects this provides the opportunity for teachers to create their own classroom, share the link with their students, and allow the students to create their own accounts under your classroom so they are not seeing any videos that might be deamed inanopropriate.  You can cretae assignements, view students work for assessments.  This is a great site for student what woul might be more visual learner.

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