Pictures + Music = Stunning

Ever wish you can give your pictures a little something extra?  Why not add some music?  How about a cool background design or graphic? With you can.  Upload your own pictures and images, use their custom designs, and original music to create slideshows, collages, scrapbooks, cards, calendars, newsletters, invitations and more.  Then share the link on your school or classroom website, or with your student’s families.  You can even upload the link to a blog, Facebook, burn to a DVD or share on a photoframe.  Smilebox has 100’s of designs and music to choices, however, if you want to get even more personal, upload your own music and videos to your project for that added touch.

Think how cool it would be if you could make a newsletter of the happenings in your class to share with your student’s parents that is more than just text.  Or how about an end of the year collage celebrating all of the accomplishments of your class.  Students will love the easy-to-use features that will help make their reports and project stand out even more.  This is another site that would be perfect for digital storytelling by allowing the students to move beyond the standard practice of PowerPoint and keynotes, regular poster presentations, a typed up reports.  Smilebox provides the opportunity to the students to get creative.  Download is required but it is free to use.


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