A picture is worth a thousand words…literally.

How cool would it be if we were able to capture Mona Lisa’s voice, and have the recording playing next to the famous painting so we can actually know what she was thinking and what is the meaning behind that infamous smile?  Well with ThingLink you can now integrate, voice recording, videos and text into a picture for interactive learning. 

How it works: Upload an image of your choosing.  Create “hotspots” that can be text  or brief narration or a short video clip.  Share the image with your class and let the learning beginning.

Think about it, now a science teacher, and you are discussing the planets, how interesting would it be to have a short video showing a star exploding.  Or a sound recording from a NASA scientist explaining why Saturn has rings.  Or even use short text to act as additional talking points that might have been missed in the lecture.  Use this for a flipped classroom as well.  The interactive element provides that opportunity for the students to access the information as often as need be.  ThingLink truly allows for the images to speak for themselves.  A perfect site for any area of study.




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