Using Haiku Deck for Story Tellling

Haiku Deck, sounds like a poetry app doesn’t it?  Well it sort of is, and not really. Haiku Deck is an amazing app that is standing out from heard of digital presentations.  As we all know presentations, especially those using slides and images,  can sometimes become too wordy.  In turn this is turning off the viewers. Haiku deck looked to change all that with an app that focuses more on keeping the slides clean and  simple and beautiful.

With the simple text, pre-stocked images the user can create a straightforward presentation without getting bogged down with too much of everything.  CEO Adam Tratt wanted to reinvent the process of making presentations by creating a clear-cut format that would not overwhelm even the most novice of users.

So how can this be good in a classroom.  Well here’s how, this is another avenue for students to use when creating a story or project.  Use this in language arts for fiction writing. Try using the slides to help with oral reports.  Allow the students to create their own story using the images, or upload your own images. What’s that you say? Upload my own images.  Yes use images they provide or pull images from your gallery to create a one-of-a-kind story.

We are actually using this app with our book club.  We are currently reading the book Wonder (if you have not read it yet go out and get it now) and at the end of the book club we will ask the students to write their own precepts (a large theme within the book). Than I will take these precepts, choose images to accompany them, and then create our slides that we can share with parents, teachers and administration.  It is really an amazing app.

Also the app is free! What’s better than free?!


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