Help Young Readers with Reading Buddies

I love reading to young students. I love having a book club with the middle graders. I basically love seeing children get enjoyment from reading a book. But I do know that some readers might struggle a little when it comes to reading and comprehending the text.  And unfortunately as educators it is sometimes difficult to give each child the individual attention needed to enhance their reading skills. So why not look to some reading sites to help develop reading skills and create a life long reader.

StudyDogSantaLogo-01[1]StudyDog Learning (

This is a reading program designed based on scientific research for emergent and early readers (PreK- 1st grade).  Lessons for the programs were developed  from the ground up and meets states early learning standards and guidelines from the National Reading Panel.  The reading series, Adventures in Reading, has been used to supplement core curriculum in schools.  There is access for both schools and parents.

295448v2v1[1]Lexia Reading (

One of the best-known and highly respected reading technology companies, Lexia Reading is designed as an essential component to the reading curriculum.  The program provides personalized, explicit  and systematic learning for foundational reading skills.  in the world.  It will help predict the student’s year-end performance and provides teachers with data to create instruction.  The program advances reading skills for PreK-4th grade and accelerates the learning for grades 4-12.   Lexia Reading follows the standards set forth by the  National Reading Panel, and Reading First. Students learn skills in sequence, logically building an understanding, while gaining competency and preparing for the next skill.

storia_logo_lowres1[1]Storia  (

Scholastic, a top presence in the reading and education community is joining the field for online and app based reading support.  Storia is app with hundreds of e-books, some enhanced, and includes games and learning tools.  The app prides itself on saying how Reading Comes to Life, and it is true of this stunning application.

logo_no_abc-c4d49dddfdb84ad153241ed739ef3cf2[1]Reading Eggs (

 Reading Eggs is a unique online world that supports the child’s learning development by offering individual one-on-one lessons.  This program helps the child learn to read at their own rate.  Reading is an important skill and but making enjoyable is tough.  This brings the concept of learning with the child’s love of technology and computer games.  The program was developed by highly experienced members of the educational community, authors and online developers, with the focus being on core reading curriculum, phonics and sight words.


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