Storytelling with an App

There really is an app for everything.  And this one is one of my favorites.  My colleague turned me on to this not that long ago and I thought I would share with you today.
StoryRobe (


StoryRobe is an app for iPods and iPads that allows you to use your images and your own voice to create amazing videos/stories.  It is very easy for children to use, and is great for social studies, language arts and science classes; though my colleague used it in her gym class, she had the students create how-to videos for excercise routines (example doing the proper poses like you see in fitness magazines). 

You can use the built-in microphone or any 3rd party microphone to create audio recordings with the photos and videos in your library.  You are able to edit you images and the order you have them in; you can pause your recording at anytime, however if you make a mistake you must start from the beginning you can’t go back (one downfall).  Once you are done you have the ability to upload the video to YouTube or send it through an email.  This is a great tool to send to parents to see their child’s creation and even share with friends or family. 

Some things to know:

1) The internet is not needed to create stories

2) You do need the internet connections to send the stories

3) This is not a free app. It is though only $0.99 so for a very low price you are getting a great app

I implore you to check it out for your classroom or your own personal use.


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  1. Bobbi Capwell

    Saw your discussion on Simplek12 and wanted to check out your blog!! 🙂

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