Cartoons and Comics are good for the classroom!

Digital storytelling is not just about creating a book, comics and cartoons are fabulous form of storytelling. As if you have seen before I am big supporter of them. I grew up reading comics, I love graphic novels, and I am currently working on one myself, so to use comics and cartoons in the classroom is a great way for students to express themselves and tell a story. 

I have created lists before on how to use cartoons in the classroom and I wanted to share some more with you.

Strip Generator You don’t have to register to create a comic but I would shy away if you are working with younger students. The images available are more for the high school and even college level of learners.

Bubblr create comics using images and pictures from flickr and then use the bubbles to tell your story.

Make Beliefs Comix create 2, 3 or 4 panel comics with already built-in images students will have no problem creating fun interesting comics. Can be made into Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. Easy to use functions make this perfect for students of all ages.

Comic Strip Generator Upload your own images or use search their library of ready-to-use ones to create interesting comics.

Comics Master An awesome way to create your own graphic novel.


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