Look on the Screen it’s a Book, it’s Animation, it’s Storybird??

Storybird as been around for a while, but I am still amazed at some of the educators who still have not heard of it, let alone use it.  I find this site so much fun to play with and also a great way for students to get creative with their work.  I have shown this site to some of my fifth grade teachers and they dove right in and had their students use this site to create their memoir books.  The students were able to take their own life and bring some life to it by using pre-made images that expressed more emotions than many of them were able to create on their own.  

Storybird allows you to be the author you always wanted.  You have a story, but can’t draw? here is your chance to create the online book of your dreams.  New images from accomplished illustrators are being uploaded all the time so you can pick and choose from an assortment of images.  Some times the story is enhanced by the image and sometimes the images just fit the story.  Either way you are in for a vibrate and masterful work of art.

Storybird is for all ages too, and it is broken down into 5 different age groups.  Preschool (1-4) Kids (5-7) Tweens (8-12) Teens (13-19) and Adults.  That means that once you create your Storybird you can categorize it into a specific age group as well as other choose from other pre-made categories, such as life, adventure, humor, school life, and sci-fi/fantasy.  And students are not the only ones using it.  Educators are creating their own Storybirds to support lessons and to make their instruction a little more interactive and fun.  I warn you though, this is a highly addictive site. 

I hope you take the time to look through this wonderful site and have some from creating your own stories.   http://storybird.com/


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