Where were these comics when I was in school??

STAGE’D is tool to create quick and easy to use comics for your educational needs.  Pick your own characters, costumes, scenery, and create your own dialog. You can share these through email, URL, and other social networking site. 

Language arts teachers will love this to help students in learning to write dialog.  Science classes can create a cartoon for presentations explaining the different planets or the chemical elements. And history classes, how cool would it be to create a sort of talk show atmosphere where the cartoon host is interviewing a solider from the civil war?  Teachers you can use this site as well for the younger grades for them to read and even use them to help review past lessons. Children will love to respond to these cartoons.

To use the site, you must download the unity web player which is found on the website. Membership is not required to create or share comics.



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