Bully Proofing

As we are all well aware bullying in the school system has become a top concern throughout the country.  Administration, faculty, and students are taking action to make sure that students feel safe when they walk onto school grounds. And parents are taking a front row seat at home by become more involved in monitoring what their children are doing on the computers, cell phones, and other personal devices. 

Bullying has changed dramatically over the years.  Back when my parents were in school if there was a bully you had a fight and that was that.  When I was in school bullying started to leave school and start hitting home through prank phone calls, and it began to  focus beyond ones physical appearance.  I admit I was bullied.  I had ‘friends’ that thought what they said about me where jokes, and that I was ok with it because I laughed along. Meanwhile I went home and cried.  I felt horrible. I thought very little of myself and withdrew dramatically from many social situations.  To this day I am an extremely shy and cautious person. I do not like the attention on me since I am not sure if my actions will result in comments, or little jokes about me.  I can laugh and I don’t take myself too seriously, but I truly try to keep the spotlight off of me, for fear that I might do something to garner a wrath of taunts and jabs.  Imagine my wedding day…all eyes on me. Yikes! 

But today, bullying is reaching levels that we never could have imagined. It is great to have the world at your finger tips, but not when it means you can also cut someone from a simple Facebook post, or text message.  The technology that is available to children and teenagers today can have a damaging effect.  Bullying does not stop on the school yard anymore.  Bullying is now viral, with taunts about one’s appearance, and social standing, to whether they are good in math class or not.  A text message carries more weight when LOL is following “you are such a fat pig.” And Facebook becomes a dangerous tool when a post of “no one likes you and you should just leave school” receives 30 ‘likes’.  Bullying affects every member of the family in the end, not just the bullied.  Parents feel at a loss for not being able to comfort their child.  Siblings are scared. And the bullied party, who knows how they are feeling in then end. Some are too scared to talk about, others embarrassed, and some go to drastic measures to escape the constant torture. 

That is why THE BULLY PROOF CLASSROOM is such an amazing resource for teachers. It is a professional development site that focuses on how to help stop the bullying problem in the schools.  With lesson plans, newsletters and daily tips of the day an educator has a variety of resources at their disposal to help with this crisis.  Even if you are not an educator you can look to this for tips to help family members or friends children that you suspect might be bullied or might even be bullying. 



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