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Obsolete Objects

I got the iPhone 4S recently.  I love it. I could not wait to get rid of my old phone.  But this made me think.  How many times I have felt this way about everyday objects?  From phones and computers, to tvs and stereos, video games to household items.  I remember playing with Atari…now I have an Xbox and Wii.  I had a rotary phone growing up…now if I want to make a call I ask Siri.  We had beta videos…now blue ray is the rage. If I wanted to talk to a friend face to face…I had to go and physically see them. Now I have Skype and Facetime.  I look at my nieces and nephews and I see them with the Nintendo DS’s and how they can set up a DVD in two seconds, and how they all have their own personal lap tops, and it makes me wonder would they even know some of these older, out-of-date gadgets and items that I had growing up and in some cases what my parents had growing up. 

Well there is a video that gives you the answers (to some of these gadgets)  Museum of Obsolete Objects is an interactive video timeline to look at obsolete technologies from the past, including rotary hand mixers, cassette tapes, and other technologies. These short videos share “obsolete” items from the 1860s to 2000s. It can be found on You Tube and is great for science and technology lessons.  History classes can use this as well when talking about different decades.  I plan on using this as a library lesson where the students would research a particular item.

It is a lot of fun to look through and even if you don’t intend to use it in the classroom for a lesson it is a great video to watch on your.


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