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Voice on the Web

I am working a teacher at one of my schools on an author study unit.  The purpose of the unit is students pick one author and read three books by them, but you are paired up with an ‘adult’ reader as well. It can be a reader of their choosing, with a few students reading with teachers, however many are reading with family members. Now that is something that is amazing to me.  I read a lot with my parents and grandparents growing up, so it is wonderful to see the parents becoming so involved in their children’s education.

But I move on.  I was given the opportunity to educate some of the students on how to conduct research on their author for the projects they will have to work on for this author study unit.  But the part I am most excited about is working with them on one of the projects.  You see we are going to have them create a video about their author, kind of like a trailer for a movie.  However, we want the other students to comment on their fellow classmates projects.  This is where the teacher came to me.  I introduced her to a program called Voice Thread.

Voice Thread is an outstanding program where you can upload pictures or videos to and add audio so to create a story of sort, or treat it as an oral report.  You can also upload a pre-made video.  But the best thing about this site is that once your oral presentation is done, other members of the voice thread community can comment on your video.  It is a great way to get an entire educational community involved.  Whole classrooms can see and react to videos posted, it is a great way for even administrators to comment on things happening in classrooms that they might not normally get to on a daily basis.

I suggest you all take a look at the fun you can have with a voice thread.  Here is just the link to the actually program itself, but you can easily see the possibilities any classroom can have.


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Small observation…

After working in the new school system for almost two months now I have met some amazing educators, and they are all dedicated to their students.  So I was thrilled when they were so open to the reading incentive program that I am starting at the schools.  It made me feel as though I was a part of the school system.  But more so I have been able to work with the students on a much more personal level.  I am able to recommend books to students, have them recommend books to me and other students, and also help with their writing abilities.  They recognize me and are happy to come to the library even when it is not for class time.  I am really happy where I am, and that I am able to help them.

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