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Read together…even when you are not

So I was talking with a friend who is a sales representative for a company who has two children.  He was telling me how he travels so much that he misses some the more intimate moments with his children, like reading them books at night.  I have seen many of my friends and family members read with their children and it is such a special moment that I feel bad when both parent and child do not get to share  it.  I did some research and I found a site that provides this moment of family time even when the whole family is not together.  is a site that provides the opportunity to read a book using webcams and interactive books.  Each member would have to sign-up with Readeo and create an account.  You can sign is as a guest or a member (members pay $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year).  Guests are limited to only the picked by the member, while members are given the choice to pick from any of the books in the Readeo library.  When you become a member you can send out as many requests to friends and family to sign on as guests. You can set up different library shelves as well (especially good if you have several children that enjoy different types of books).  When you are ready to read a book, you select the friend who you will be sharing with and invite them to join the book chat. As a default the book of the month is the first book to come up, but then you are able to choose from the vast library or from your own shelves.

This is a great site and offers that special time between parent and child, grand-parent and child, and even child and child (in case older brothers and sisters want to connect to young siblings) to continue even when you are not together. 


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