Five Books to Movies I Can’t Wait For

With the final Harry Potter movie released I have begun to think to about other movies based on books that I am looking forward to.  So here are five that have caught my interest.









1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

This series has exceeded all expectations for me, capturing both children and adults alike.  The books showed the progression of three friends facing the ongoing trials of growing up, all the while facing off against the darkest and most evil wizard ever known. Pretty standard for most teenagers.  While the books have captured the imagination of every reader, and the movies have not disappointed in bringing those images to reality.  I am looking forward to seeing the final installation in this series, and closing this chapter of my obsession with Harry and company.









2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This has become one of the hottest book series in the past ten years.  And the first book in the series comes to the theaters (in an American version) in December. Already a popular book series (and movie trilogy)  in Sweden it has taken over the US by storm.  And with Daniel Craig playing the lead, expect a long line at the box office.  I have had the opportunity to read the series and I must say that though this is not the type of series I highly recommend it anyone interested in a fast paced read that you will not be able to put down.  I have recently been able to speak to a friend’s Swedish friends visiting for a week, and I asked them about the series.  They said they are shocked by the interest it has created.  They have known about the series for such a long time that to see people become enthralled with it strikes them as funny.  They also wanted to point out that Sweden is not a land full of crazed murders, government cover-ups, financial upheaval, and super genius computer hackers.  They do admit though that coffee is the main drink of choice for most, but that it is not a requirement. (Read the books and you will understand that last statement).  This is one movie I actually think that my husband would even want to see with me.










3. One Day

A love story.  But more than a boy meets girl, love story.  This is a love story that focuses on the love between friends.  Friends who find that they are the most important person in one another’s lives through a bond that spans 20 years.  The relationship is one that every person has experienced in one form or another, at one time or another.  The other interesting twist on this tale is the story is told using a single day.  The day the couple meets, is the day we visit in each chapter.  We relive their first meeting, and their tortured down turns, and their surprising reunion.  It is an amazing story that will have both men and women reading it.  The movie which will star Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, will be released this summer, and is sure to be the summer romance movie many women will drag their husbands or boyfriends to.  But I recommend reading this story first.











4.  The Hunger Games

One of the latest series that have taken the YA community by storm.  Not only young adults though, adults are also catching the wave and finding out just how intense YA novels can be.  This is a story that has a little bit of everything.  Love, adventure, coming-of-age struggles, fantasy elements, and more create a vast world that intrigues all who read it.  I never saw a book series fly off of the shelves faster than this series.  Both boys and girls where clawing for it.  This series will be an interesting to see how it relates to the screen. But with the cast they have assembled I guarantee that this will be a booth at Com Con next year.










5. The Help

There aren’t many movies out there that have an all female cast, talking about issues that were as politically and emotionally charged as segregation.  But, The Help does just that.  This book and the women in it, is an amazing novel that keeps your interested and wants to be a part of these women’s lives.  The movie, I hope, is not going to disappoint.  With the strong female actresses that have come together to breathe life into these characters, the movie looks as though it will be an award season favorite as well as a summer blockbuster.


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